Saturday, March 28, 2009

Cisco Netriders Challenge Malaysia 2009

Today (28 March 2009), Universiti Kuala Lumpur Malaysian Institute of Information Technology (MIIT) City Campus are hosting the 4th Cisco Networking Skills Competition, NetRiders Challenge Malaysia 2009. This event is to give an exposure to the Networking Academy students. It is also an opportunity for students to show their technical skills and knowledge in the networking field and serves. This event are held annually.

NetRiders Challenge Malaysia 2009

There are about 200 participant that came from other Universities all over Malaysia. Among them are representative from Universiti Kuala Lumpur (UniKL), Multimedia University (MMU), Universiti Malaysia Pahang (UMP), Universiti Malaya (UM), Universiti Teknologi MARA (UiTM), Kolej Professional MARA (KPM), Universiti Utara Malaysia (UUM), Universti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM), and other Universities that have a networking oriented curricular. The winner will represent Malaysia in Cisco Netriders Challenge international level.

The participant

I was suppose to be the representative of Universiti Kuala Lumpur. But there are some technical problems that cannot be avoided, I volunteered myself to be the event committee along with my other 4 friends. So the only student committee for the event are Miss Hamidah, Mr Umar, Mr Hafizi, Mr Hirzi(me), and Miss Ayusnida. We have been working hard since the day before to make sure the event run smoothly.


The day before the main event, at 4 pm, we (me, Mr. Hafizi and Mr. Umar) were asked to paste the signage around campus to guide the participant to their respective match area and install the Packet Tracer software in the computer lab Level 19 and Level 9. To make haste, we split into two groups. Me and Mr. Hafizi are responsible for pasting the signage and Mr Umar are responsible for installing the Packet Tracer software. Me and Mr. Hafizi complete pasting all the signage then went to Level 19, and Level 9 to help Mr. Umar completing his work. We all went home at 8 pm.

Mr Hafizi and Mr Umar

On the day of the main event, I arrived at campus at 8.30 am. Mr. Umar and Mr. Hafizi were already there helping arranging the registration counter. Then, Mr Ezra (the lecture who was in charge) told us to have our breakfast at Level 29. After breakfast, we return to the lobby and saw Miss Ayusnida just arrived. While waiting for the registration process to complete, we were given the Netriders Challenge Malaysia 2009 t-shirt. We went to Level 4 to get changed. Then Mr. Ahmad(the lecture who was in charge) told us to go to Level 19, 16 and 9 to turn on the lights and the computers. But the prizes on Level 2 also need a person to taken care of. So we split into 4 groups. Me and Miss Ayusnida went to Level 19, Mr. Umar to Level 16, Mr. Hafizi to Level 9, and Miss Hamidah took care of the prizes.

Miss Hamidah and Mr Hafizi

Upon arriving at Level 19, me and Miss Ayusnida are facing some problem. All the computer labs are locked. We cannot switch on the computers. I called Mr. Umar and have him to asked Mr Ezra to do something about the doors. Not long after that, Mr Hafiz(the lecturer and technician in charge) coincidentally arrived at the floor. I asked him what to do. He was shocked because the door shouldn't be locked. We don't have must time, the clock shows us 9.45 am. The floor will be used in the next 15 minutes. He call Mr. Ezra and ran down to get the keys. After a while, he return with the keys. Thank God he found the keys. Me and Miss Ayusnida proceed our task.

Mr Umar eating yong tau foo

At 10.00 am, all the participant arrived at the floor to begin their match. But there are some problems. The computer are not sufficient, some of them got a computer that dont have a network connection, and some who cannot log on to the site. Me and Miss Ayusnida directed the participant who didn't have a computer or got a computer without a network connection, to Level 16 computer lab. While those who cannot log on are handled by Mr. Ahmad. After everything was settled, we all went to Level 29 along with Mr Ahmad to have some drinks. Then disaster strike. All the exams which the participant are answering, expired. Mr Ahmad misconfigured the server. Then Mr Ahmad went to fix the problem. The exam was extended by 1 hour.

The exam finished at 12.00 pm. All the participant supposed to listen to a speech by the Cisco Networking Academy staff at Level 2. But since the exam was extended by 1 hour, the speech was postponed and will be deliver during the closing ceremony. We were given order to redirect the participant to the dining area to have their lunch. The winners for the theory exam are revealed. Only few teams made it to the final round. 1 of the UniKL team are amongst them. Those who didn't made it will proceed to Packet Tracer event.

UniKL representative

UniKL representative

Participant checking their result

The event continues at 1.00 pm. We have to direct the participant to go to their respective match floor. We split into 4 groups again. Me with Miss Ayusnida went to Level 19 again. There are a few problem on the Packet Tracer event, but we manage to fix the problem by ourselves. There not much things to do, so we went back to lobby and have a break. UniKL also hosting its Open Day on the same day as the Cisco event. We wander around the booth and have look at what they have prepared on their booth while waiting for the closing ceremony scheduled to begin at 3.30 pm.

The trophy

Miss Ayusnida and Miss Hamizah arranging the prizes

At 3.30 pm, we went to level 2 to hear the presentation from the sponsor. The main sponsors are Mimos, Pearson, HP, and some others which I do not recall. After the presentation are the closing ceremony, result announcement and prizes distribution. The host team UniKL Router Killer won the 2nd runner-up place for degree category. The grand champion who will represent Malaysia are from Multimedia Universiti (MMU). Congratulations to all the winner.

The Packet Tracer degree category 2nd runner-up

At 6.30 pm, Cisco Netriders Challenge Malaysia have close its curtain for the 2009 edition. It will returns next year. I hope by next year, I will be able to participate in the tournament. I will get ready until then. Before returning home, we went to meet all the lecturers who was involved. They said that's a wrap, and we can go home. They thanking us for all the hard work. We went down to the lobby and took a momento picture of the committee group, then we all separated and went back home.

Me and My Miss Ayusnida. =)

Its pretty tiring but I enjoyed it. It was fun. Its an experience I wont forget. The other committee members are wonderful, responsible and hard working people. It makes the works and problems easier to solves. I would like to express my gratitude to all the committee members. Mr. Umar and Mr. Hafizi, thank you for the hard work, and you guys are the best. Miss Hamidah, even though we just known each other today, but we work like we already known for a long time. Thank you so much. Especially to Miss Ayusnida, even though you are not really the committee member for the technical support, you have helped me completing my task and kept me accompany the whole day. You always stay by my side, follow me wherever i go. I appreciate that. Thank you so much. Hope to see you guys in campus!

The Committee Members