Friday, July 10, 2009

District 9 Trailer

District 9 is an upcoming science fiction film produced by Peter Jackson and directed by Neill Blomkamp. The film is set for an August 14, 2009 release date. It takes place in Johannesburg, South Africa.

District 9 is based on Alive in Joburg, a short film directed by Neill Blomkamp, Sharlto Copley, Simon Hansen and Shanon Worley. Copley also portrayed one of the interviewed policemen. The short film is about aliens landing in South Africa and becoming confined to a specific area and forced to work. In the movie these aliens are called "Non-Humans" and are overseen by Multi-National United (MNU), a company which is utilizing alien technology. When Dirk Michaels (Richard Ighedosa), a soldier working for MNU, mutates into a half human and half "Non-Human" after opening a strange tube he finds in District 9, he becomes a wanted man on both sides.

Friday, July 3, 2009

BBQ Party

On 2nd July 2009, me and my buddies organized a BBQ party. This party is part of our planned activities for this semester break. Every semester break, we organized an activity to get together and have fun. This will strengthened our friendship bond. Last semester break, we organized a badminton match and last year semester break we organized a trip to Kuantan, Pahang. For next year semester break, we have planned to organize another trip to Kuantan, Pahang. This time, i hope all the members can join the trip.

The BBQ party idea was brought up by Mr Fadzhli. He told me about his idea. I agreed with his idea and told him to called everybody to a meeting to discuss on this matter. I suggested that we gather everyone to a small breakfast gathering and discuss the matter. Everyone agreed and we gathered for breakfast on Wednesday, 1st July 2009, morning, at Stadium Restaurant.

Not everyone attended the meeting. The attendees is me(Hirzi), Mr. Fadzhli, Mr. Farhan, Mr. Ehsan, Mr. Fazril, and Mr. Shahnawaz. Mr. Meor and Mr. Azizul couldn't make it as they have they own matter to accomplished. After having our breakfast, we started to discuss the matter. Mr. Fadzhli explain what he had in mind about the BBQ party. Everyone listened and gave they opinion and suggestion. Date and time is Thursday, 2nd July 2009, 8.00 pm, the venue is at USJ 12 field. No obligation from the others on the time and venue. Then we decide what to buy and who the person in charge. I suggested we buy the marinated chicken as we did during our trip to Kuantan. Its delicious and suitable for BBQ party. Everyone agreed and we collected RM10 from each individuals as an expense to buy all the item required. Me, Mr. Fadzhli, and Mr. Farhan is responsible to buy all the stuff and we going to but it on the next day morning. The meeting adjourned.

On Thursday, 2nd July 2009 morning, me, along with Mr. Fadzhli and Mr. Farhan went to Mydin to buy all the item. We buy the chickens, sausages, and then Mr. Fadzhli wanted to add something to the menu, the prawn. After done with the shopping, we dropped the items at Mr. Fadzhli house and went to the appointed venue to check out the place. Then we went home and prepared for the night.

Around 7.55 pm, i went to pick up Mr. Fadzhli, the items and went to the venue. Upon arriving, Mr. Farhan is already there waiting for us then Mr. Meor arrived shortly. We transferred the items to the location and start to setup. After a few minutes, Mr. Ehsan, Mr. Shahnawaz and Mr. Fazril arrived. Mr. Ehsan act as the photographer for the night. Mr. Azizul is the last person to arrived.

We start to burn the wood charcoal. After a few trial, we were unable to light up the charcoal. Then we realized we were facing a big problem. No light up charcoal, no food. Then Mr. Farhan requested someone to go and buy the fire starter. Mr. Fazril and Mr. Shahnawaz volunteered to go. Meanwhile, we still trying to light up the charcoal. We used the coconut fibre and newspaper as the fire started. We still failed to light up the charcoal. Not long after that, Mr. Fazril and Mr. Shahnawaz returned with the fire starter. We hoped the fire starter will do the magic. But then again, no.

We were devastated. We might have to canceled the party if we weren't able to light up the charcoal. Everybody started to get hungry. Maybe there is something wrong with the charcoal. Then i volunteered to go buy a new charcoal. Mr. Fadzhli came along with me and we went searching for the charcoal. We were looking for a artificial charcoal like the one we bought last time because its easier to burn and the heat is much hotter than regular charcoal. Just as i thought, many mini market didn't sell that type of charcoal. Then we bought a regular charcoal that according to the shopkeeper, it can be burn easier.

We returned to the party and saw that Mr. Farhan already able to lit up the charcoal but the heat and the fire is not enough to cook the chicken. We change the charcoal with the one that we just bought. Not long after that, after 2 hours of trying, finally we were able to lit up the charcoal at 10 pm. Everybody show the sign of relieved on their face. Finally we get to eat.

Mr. Farhan is our chef for the night. Mr. Meor and Mr. Fadzhli help with keeping the fire on. Me and Mr. Ehsan is the photographer for the night. Our menu for the night is marinated chickens, multiple flavor of sausages, and marinated prawn. The night is full of laughter and joy as we enjoying the moment we spend together.

After a lot of energy, sweat and effort have been poured, finally the food is ready. We cover the pathway with news papers, put the food, and we all sit and eat. Its an unforgettable moment. Then we have a guest. Few cats have made their appearance. Maybe they wanted to celebrate with us.

Then Mr. Azizul have to excuse himself because he had some matter to attend to. He's the latest person to join our community. With this, our community have became more lively and happening.

At 12 am, the party have reach its climax. We cleaned the place, throw all the trash, and pack our stuff. After shaking hands, and say good bye, we all went back home.

This is one of the moment that will longed on our mind forever. This is just the beginning. There will be more fun and enjoyable activities that will be planned on the future. Until next time my friends.