Sunday, January 16, 2011

My Story

I rarely post anything about myself here. Let alone my own feelings. I guess its fine to express my own feelings here once in a while. Nobody gonna read my blog anyway. Its just me. Guess im going back to my younger age when i used to write to express my feelings. During that time, pen and paper are my best friend. Lets get on with the story. Few months ago, i met a girl. She has everything im looking for in a girl. She's cute, pretty, nice, kind. She's my dream girl. Like i just saw an angel. During that moment, i know something is happening inside of me. "I want to get to know her, i want to be her friend, i want to get close to her". That thought running through my mind. I'll do anything for her. I make sure that its happen, and it did. I couldn't be more happier. We went to the movies, ice skating, shopping. Those are the best moment in my life. She's my happiness. Even if i die, i can die peacefully. Who would have guess, that the girl ur looking for ur whole life can be very near to u. I realize that, i love this girl. I wanna make her mine. I know that i can't force her. I'll break every rules if i have to even if i have to go through hell, so be it. Being with her, i felt everything was so right. I felt that the whole world is mine. How i wish i have met her earlier. I never give up hope. I believe and i pray that one day, she'll be mine. When? I don't know... Guess i just have to keep waiting. Even if it takes forever, i'll wait for her. I'll wait until she take my hand in hers. She's all i ever need to make my life complete. I wanted to say 'I love you' to her every single day. I want her to know, how much she means to me, how much i love her, how much i need her... She's everything to me...

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